Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy - Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent by the websites you visit to your device. These text files are stored in order to be subsequently transmitted to the website that created them on each new page you visit. This allows websites to identify you both for the duration of the session and for longer periods.

Cookie Policy - Use of Cookies

When you access the pages of this website, technical cookies are sent to your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

Cookie Policy - Technical Cookies

Technical Cookies are essential to navigate through the website using all the features such as, for example, access to restricted areas. Without cookies is not possible to provide all required services. These cookies do not collect information to be used for commercial purposes.
Technical Cookies specifications are:

  • Session: guarantee normal navigation and use of the website (access to the private area).
  • Functional: allow the user browsing function with a set of selected criteria (language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service.
  • Analytics: collect information in aggregate form, as the number of users and how they visit the website.

Cookie Policy - SLIMSTAT use SlimStat to monitor the number of visitors and to analyze the user’s experience of the website.
SlimStat implements the so-called anonymous cookies: using a method known as ‘IP mask’ through which only partial information are shown, SlimStat does not provide information on the entire IP address. In this way it makes impossible the identification of the user.

The information collected will not be disclosed to third parties and, in any case, the user will have the option to allow, block or delete the cookies installed on the device through the options of the browser installed on the PC or using the privacy options of the mobile device used to access the web.

Cookie Policy - Elimination of cookies

It is possible at any time to control which cookies are on your device and choose to delete them using the official guides of the browser you are using:

Cookie Policy - Third Parties Cookie

There are cookies from other web sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn), that can be sent to your device during to the navigation on this website. These cookies are not strictly necessary for navigation, but denying consent to the third-party cookies, may prevent some advanced features, such as sharing of pages on social networks or participation in discussions. This website is not capable of governing the cookies set by other parties, to get information about these cookies, their characteristics and methods of operation, and provide or deny its specific consent, you must apply directly to sites that emit cookies.

To get information about third party cookies, please contact:

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