Infrastructure Monitoring, IP networks and TLC

Information technology and telecommunications are the pillars of digital communication. Regardless of the application, database, services and ICT solutions or Telco, it is necessary that the network infrastructure is reliable, monitored and appropriately sized

Source: 13/03/2015, SCAI Connect

IP networks and connectivity

SCAI Connect is the company of Gruppo SCAI that brings to market the skills and experience in the telecommunications world for the management of infrastructure and IP networks. It is designed as a project that grows evolving around high profile collaborators and characterizing its offer for flexibility and breadth of services.

Areas of intervention

SCAI Connect within the telecommunications sector offers its expertise through an organization of professional services characterized by three main lines of offer:

Consulting, Application Engineering, Infrastructure Management

1) Consulting

The objective consulting services in SCAI Connect is to support the Client in the technological choices for services and business.

In particular SCAI Connect work together with key figures to design hardware and software architectures, to chose technologies and structures (teams and roles) responsible for managing the technology infrastructure itself.

The Competence Center also offers an attentive service and consulting assistance experts Cisco Systems certified.

2) Application Engineering

Engineering services include the design and implementation of multi-tier software systems (“Internet based” or less) with their integration in infrastructure and existing systems.

The offer of SCAI Connect in this area is divided into:

• OSS solutions: design and development of applications for Planning, the Dimensioning and Performance of communication networks

• Internet Based Solutions: for the creation and integration of multi channel with enterprise portals and with particular reference to the implementation of mechanisms “business to business” (B2B) in architecture:
Multichannel (Mobile Business Applications and Portals Multichannel, Multimedia Content Services).

• Solutions EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) for the design and development of the interoperability of business applications

3) Infrastructure Management

SCAI Connect offers expertise and experience in managing complex infrastructures: systems, IP networks and applications.

Through team of specialists, we are able to provide both technology support services that management services of networks and IP connectivity infrastructure regulated by SLA, taking responsibility for organization and delivery of the service.

The intervention areas of SCAI Connect are:

• Application and Database Management
• Network, System & Security Management
• Support tools for Network Planning and Dimensioning
• Messaging & Middleware Management

ICT solutions – Ne.Mo .: Network Monitoring Software

The competences acquired through years of experience in networking and management of IP networks, have led to the development of a Network Monitoring solution.

Ne.Mo. – Network Monitoring Tool – is a software tool that enables the continuous monitoring of IP networks, equipment, services in a simple and efficient way.

Powered by network operators, Ne.Mo. is a simple but extremely powerful and flexible tool that meet the demands of daily management of IP networks, that can be also very complex, such as with Telco operators or data center .

It allows you to have a constantly updated vision of the equipment and monitoring corporate assets connectivity.

Integrated management of alarms, combined with functionality and syslog traplog, allow to locate the fault, the problems and keep record of the performance of the entire infrastructure and IP networks.

Network Monitoring – control over IP networks: devices, web services, networking

Ne.Mo. è uno strumento software che permette il costante monitoraggio delle retei IP

Ne.Mo. is a software tool that enables the continuous monitoring of IP networks

Ne.Mo: Monitoring of web services, is also ideal for: verification and stores response time, return code HTTP and N GET made.