Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo. 3.1.0

Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Connect - Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool new release 3.1.0

Just released Ne.Mo.’s new version: Network Monitoring tool now offers lots of new features. We are proud to announce the first free version!

21 March 2016 – Gruppo SCAI – SCAI Connect – Ne.Mo. Support Team

Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo., just released the new version

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring, the new version – 3.1.0 – was just released. This release includes templates for QoS monitoring, detailed interface error statistics, SNMP spike protection functionality, and more (read the complete changelog). We are proud to announce also a free edition.

Ne.Mo. Free Edition comes with full functionalities of paid edition. The only limitation is based on devices and entities number. Currently we offer 5 devices and 250 entities. This is suitable for SOHO environments and small enterprises. It’s also a good way to test the product.

CHANGE LOGS – Ne.Mo. Release 3.1.0

  • New chart library;
  • Enhancement on IP Address Discovery;
  • Added Data Retention Feature;
  • Added templates for QoS monitoring on Cisco and Juniper Devices;
  • Added templates for detailed interface error on Cisco and Juniper Devices;
  • Added template for router/slot traffic aggregation;
  • Added automatic dashboard (TOP N CPU, TOP Interface usage, TOP Interfaces Errors,…);
  • Added templates for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic statistic;
  • Added templates for BGP statistics;
  • Report showing all custom thresholds;
  • Added templates for HP Comware devices;
  • Added GeoCoordintes in the devices;
  • SNMP Spike Protection feature;
  • Extended Port Statistics to all type of interfaces;
  • Added Backup & Restore feature;
  • Added template for: Huawei NE5000E, Extreme Summit X460-48t, Cisco Catalyst 3550-24-DC, Cisco ASR 9912

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What is Ne.Mo.? Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool is a software for a complete Network Monitoring

Ne.Mo. carries out the monitoring and analysis of the performance of any IP network. Through a easy and intuitive web interface you can check all gathered device data such as interface traffic, CPU load, disk usage, memory usage, and so on. You can also create reports that combine various measurements for comparison and export these in PDF.

There is an automatic alarm system that alerts users of the presence of critical values. Furthermore users can define their own threshold values beyond which an alarm is created. Alarms can also be notified via email and SMS (you need to have SMS gateway).

You can also create hierarchical maps inside which put the main performance data. All the features of Ne.Mo. can be enabled and/or denied on user/group based. It is also possible to restrict to a specific user the database of all the monitored entities.

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