Even Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

Ne.Mo.® is a software tool for monitoring IP networks, it is the result of years of experience in networking and management of IP networks by SCAI Connect. It is used by major operators in the telecommunications sector, both on fixed and mobile networks, and it provides added value to the reached platforms

Source: SCAI Connect, www.scaiconnect.it, 2 april 2015

TI Sparkle choose NeMo, Network Monitoring Tool

Telecommunications and Digital Revolution

The telecommunications sector is among those who are living more intensely the digital transformation. TLC operators have to meet the constant demand for innovation and new services to satisfy connectivity needs of a world increasingly oriented to communication along with the sharing of data and information.

Among TLC operators, Telecom Italy Sparkle is one of the most dynamic. It is one of the leaders for IP networks, with Seabone (South East Access backBONE), an optical fiber backbone based on DWDM technology of almost 400,000 km., that provides international routing, telephone traffic and data with Internet connectivity.

At the forefront of technological innovation with development of solutions and infrastructure, TI Sparkle is committed to the implementation of next-generation data center and cloud services innovation, to meet the growing demand for virtualization offering a full range of data transmission solutions like voice, IP and mobile.

Performance of IP networks, data security, web service continuity

ICT is a very dynamic reality, where the performance of the IP network and capabilities of Data Center, are crucial for a better “Internet experience”. For business companies of all sectors, the control of the IP network, data security with continuity and quality of IT services, are increasingly important.

Even TI Sparkle choose NeMo, Network Monitoring Tool

To meet these needs companies like TI Sparkle have chosen Ne.Mo.®, a performance tool for monitoring of IP networks, used by major telecommunications operators, data centers and corporate which pay attention to connectivity.

Ne.Mo.®, Network Monitoring Tool

Ne.Mo.®, Network Monitoring Tool it is a simple, effective, but extremely powerful and flexible instrument, that meets the specific requirements of daily management of IP networks, devices and web services.

Created by SCAI Connect’s engineers, committed daily in the management of IP networks, Ne.Mo.® allows, in a very effective way, constant monitoring of networks and network nodes, to ensure maximum efficiency and it is used by major operators telecommunications, together by other leading companies from all sectors, that pay attention to connectivity, security and web service continuity offered by IP networks.

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